We are excited about the outstanding response received to the 1NKY survey and the attendance at the April 22 1NKY Summit Virtual Update. Supporting materials from the session including the entire 1NKY survey are included in this communication. Participants received the following:

  • Updates from leaders in the public /private sectors including our Judges Executives regarding the current health and economic environment inclusive of RESTART efforts at the State, Regional, and Federal levels.
  • Progress on existing initiatives and Results from your input into the 1NKY survey noting our immediate needs and long-term view of the NKY community.
  • The ASK of our growth organizations and this community as we understand this data and incorporate into our approach for the community good.  Our July 22 1NKY Summit will include goals that identify realistic aspirations as we develop our community scorecard.

1NKY Summit Update April 22 Presentation

Download Here

1NKY Summit Survey Results

Download Here

We’re asking for your continued engagement as we map next steps together. The past year has been a productive one in NKY with initiatives collectively addressed and great progress achieved. As we consider what’s next – let’s leverage the unity we have in place and work towards a better NKY for all in the future.

We welcome your ongoing ideas, involvement and comments.