Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance Makes Strides on Community Vibrancy Initiative

August 16, 2018: Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance is dedicated to transforming Northern Kentucky with a focus around four key initiatives: Community Vibrancy, Health, Job Growth, and Education.

Riverfront commons is an 11.5-mile uninterrupted walking, running, and biking trail that links Northern Kentucky’s six river cities – Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and Fort Thomas – to the City of Cincinnati and other local trail systems. This trail is the signature project of Southbank Partners, a community and economic development partner organization that supports the river cities. Recognizing the amazing work and vision already completed by Southbank and the urban core cities, the Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance views this as an opportunity to provide momentum to this effort through partnership.

The vision for Riverfront Commons arose from a 2006 U.S. Army Corps of Engineering study, which envisioned a contintuous riverfront corridor along the edge of the Ohio River that would provide riverbank stablization, an uninterrupted trail system, an open space, promote economic development, and improve the quality of life in the region. the 15-20 foot wide path will feature open park space at strategic points along the river, accommodating to both walkers and bikers.

Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance is helping to scale and articulate the importance of Riverfront Commons and its benefit to the community. In addition, identification of funding for completion of the Army Corp Phase I plan is in progress. Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance is active in the funding and advocacy fronts.

There are two phases in place for the created of Riverfront Commons. Phase I includes funding, applying for any grants/additional funding if applicable and articulation of the Riverfront Commons’ plan and its importance to NKY. Phase II will include the creation and construction of the Riverfront Commons trail. Phase I is in full swing.

Riverfront Commons is key for the growth of Northern Kentucky’s Community Vibrancy. Adding a welcome mat to Northern Kentucky’s front door will extend new opportunities and promote growth in the region.