Thank you to those who participated in the February 24th OneNKY Summit Update.  Since 2019 we have convened our growth organizations, community, business, and political leaders through six Summits centered around key initiatives that have transformed our community.  We are showing results as the need for strategic action is implemented throughout the OneNKY community:

* A unified voice for growth: The OneNKY movement propels us forward as we establish our identity and presence through OneNKY Frankfort and the
* A larger, more impactful voice resulting in political influence and the attraction of financial resources at the State and Federal levels.

Our growth organizations and leaders are hitting on all cylinders as we work together to accelerate relevant goals for our community.

We shared key information on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the recent OneNKY Summit Update which can be found in the 2 links below: 


This study commissioned by the Horizon Fund and conducted by Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Analysis provides insight into DEI efforts as companies and organizations set their future course.  It is an outgrowth of a goal we set through the 2019 OneNKY Summit – Make it easy to do business in NKY. The supporting initiative included the Establishment of a comprehensive intelligence unit to identify data-drive community and business needs and opportunities for growth.  The DEI study among other work product is a deliverable of CEAD, a resource our community can utilize and a direct tie to our OneNKY Summit outcomes.

We invite your continued engagement as we identify even more aspirational goals for the OneNKY community. And we ask that you invite other leaders to the table – there is plenty of room! Simply submit their contact information and we will add them to our distribution list for future Summit events and communications.

Karen Finan
OneNKY Alliance