Matching global talent with local need

GOAL: Increase the pool of available workers in NKY

INITIATIVE: Strengthen our talent pipeline by increasing work-based learning experiences by 50% for secondary students within high demand industry sectors

Driving change through strategic action requires a community that recognizes the need for transformation through results. It’s what the OneNKY Summit series intends to bring through unity, accountability and forward-thinking. It’s also what the GROW NKY effort is driving through collaboration and focus of industry partners, as the need for a strong talent pipeline is heightened for future workforce needs.

GROW NKY is a comprehensive strategy for growing our talent pipeline, maintaining a strong economy and attracting future business. OneNKY Alliance supports the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and other workforce partners to develop this comprehensive approach.

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an effective teaching approach used to engage students in real-life occupational experiences. It incorporates structured, work-based learning activities into the curriculum, allowing a student to apply knowledge and skills learned in class, and connect these to the workplace. Work-based learning provides students with the opportunity to engage and interact with employers, while learning to demonstrate the essential skills necessary to be part of today’s workforce.

GROW is working to reach over 9,000 secondary school students with this experience and there are a variety of tools and strategies now being implemented.  We will track placement in high demand industries through this initiative. Through GROW NKY work-based learning experience, secondary school students will advance through apprenticeships and internships – preparing them for immediate and valuable entry into the workforce or next stage of education.