Join us as we Imagine and Build our 22nd Century OneNKY

October 26th, 2:30–6:30 p.m.

IGNITE Institute
37 Atlantic Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018

A bit more about our keynote for the day:

Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D.

Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Refuturing, where he leads foresight, strategy and research activities. As a futurist, Christopher has worked with leaders in business, community and government for over 25 years to rethink unspoken assumptions, reframe problems and challenges, reimagine possible futures and develop actionable strategies to achieve them. Christopher writes and speaks on a wide variety of topics at the intersections of strategic foresight, sustainable community development, education, culture and technology. He will also, if given the opportunity, talk your ear off about bourbon and the craft of songwriting. A Kentuckian born and raised, Christopher currently resides in the weirdly futuristic city of Austin, TX.

Drivers of Change: A Look at the Trends Shaping the Futures of 2037

Most people, when they think about the future, envision a world that is much like today, perhaps with some slight changes in technology and fashion. At Refuturing, we call these Hand-Me-Down Futures. The truth is, the futures are always multiple, simultaneous, and unevenly distributed. Focusing on technology alone leads to many leaders being blindsided by the sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, changes shaping our world. So how should we think about futures in order to best prepare ourselves, our institutions and our communities for the possibilities ahead?

In this talk, futurist Dr. Christopher Rice will take you through the key Drivers, Trends and Signals (demographic, housing, food, technology, economics, health, environment & climate, communications and more) shaping our world through 2037, help you look at plausible, possible and probable futures through the lens of strategic foresight, and provide strategic takeaways for thinking through the implications for governance, education, health, economic development, community and more.